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Your microbiome is one of a kind, and needs to be treated that way.

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The body is an ecosystem, an ecosystem that is fuelled by the microbiome. At Floradapt we are a group of scientific specialists dedicated to recovering and restoring the bacteria necessary for the natural regulation of this ecosystem. Through our innovative selection of Biotic supplements we aim to recover the natural well-being of the body, in order for you to feel healthy, active and in optimum physical & mental health. 


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Recover your body’s natural ecosystem through our range of Emotional, Gut Health, Heart, Immune, Skin & Women’s Health blends. Probiotics are living organisms that the body generates organically and naturally. 


Featured - Mind Balance

Mind Balance combines a Probiotic super-strain with Magnesium to promote a healthy mind, increase serotonin levels & reduce stress & anxiety by gut-brain axis modulation. To be at peace, taking care of your emotional health from the gut.


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