The Floradapt Journey

Over the years, science has taught us millions of things, including the fact that nature is wise. The planet has already offered us our first lessons: climate change is increasingly problematic and excess pollution is causing serious problems and imbalances in the planet’s natural development, including reduction of natural resources, impact on fauna and flora, etc. But what about the human body? If the planet is increasingly affected by the current pace of life, how can this not affect our body?

Well, it does affect us, it affects us a great deal!

As one more species within the great planetary ecosystem, our state of health and disease/illness is closely linked to other species and to the environment, both inside and outside our body. Floradapt® products offer consumers those beneficial microorganisms that live naturally in the environment and have been present in the body of mammals throughout evolution.

The current pace of life, lifestyle and the types of food that have become popular in recent years are taking their toll on our bodies, which in many cases are affected by the lack of bacteria beneficial to health, altering the natural microbiome of the body. This has many consequences, including fatigue, fatigue, indigestion, migraines and other contemporary diseases that prevent us from feeling great in our own bodies.

Luckily, not everyone has been carried away by the tide of development, and some rural areas still exist, which have remained unchanged over time.

Inhabited areas where there is no pollution, stagnant meat, fruit that is strangely bright... and where the body has developed organically and naturally, keeping the microbiome balanced and in perfect health. These communities have managed to keep the most beneficial bacteria in your body, and that’s where the strains of our probiotics come from.

Our team of biotechnology experts travels to the source to get the best strains, which we use to develop our line of probiotic supplements.

Natural, organic and respectful process

Beneficial bacteria keep the immune system strong – our bodies need to recover them. All through a natural, organic and respectful process that allows us to recover the body’s natural ecosystem without altering the environment and with the utmost respect for people.

We complement our body’s pursuit of well-being and organic health with other natural assets that provide vitamins, essential minerals or fatty acids (such as Omega-3) and are very beneficial to the body’s balance.

Remember, nature is wise... Recovering healthy living habits, maintaining a balanced diet, exercising and keeping the body’s natural microbiome stable is essential to maintaining and restoring our body’s health and well-being.