Heart and Mind Bundle

Heart and Mind Bundle

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Heart & Mind bundle, designed to support both heart and brain health and function.

The bundle includes Happy Beat, a natural and clinically tested formula that supports healthy blood lipid levels and promotes a strong, happy heart. It contains three trusted bacteria strains and Ubiquinol (the active form of CoQ10).

Additionally, it includes Mind Balance, a formula that combines a Probiotic super-strain with Magnesium to promote a healthy mind and boost psychological functions. It increases serotonin levels and reduces stress through gut-brain axis modulation. Magnesium in the formula also contributes to normal psychological function and normal functioning of the nervous system. Together, these two products work together to support a healthy heart and mind, giving you the peace of mind that your body and brain are in good health.

Happy Beat:

30 mg Kaneka Ubiquinol™

1.2 Billion CFU* Bacteria strains:

L. plantarum KABP™ 011

L. plantarum KABP™ 012

L. plantarum KABP™ 013

*CFU : Colony forming units, commonly used measurement/counting of probiotic bacteria cells. 

Mind Balance:

1 Billion CFU* Bacteria strain Lactobacillus plantarum DR7®

56 mg Magnesium

*CFU : Colony forming units, commonly used measurement/counting of probiotic bacteria cells. Each capsule contains 15% of Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) of Magnesium

Take 1 capsule of each product a day with water, ideally (but not needed) before a meal. Can be taken together with statins. Recommended treatment duration is 3 months, can be extended as much as needed.

Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. Food supplements cannot replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Take care of your heart & mind symbiotically.


Supports healthy cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels.

Contains only natural ingredients that will maintain low lipid levels without side effects.

Will support healthy blood lipid levels without drug intervention.

An imbalance in mental health keeps us from living to the fullestMind Balance shields the body from the damaging effects of stress, to help you feel better and at peace.

Reduces stress and anxiety symptoms in long-term stress sufferers.

Improves cognitive functions, particularly, learning, memory and emotional intelligence.

Ubiquinol is an essential nutrient for health, found naturally in the body & in many natural foods. As the direct active form of CoQ10, Ubiquinol has a fast effect on the body (immediate use) without the need for energy expenditure. Plus, Magnesium helps maintain a healthy psychological state, and a normal functioning of the brain.

How it works

Happy Beat is a specific probiotic formula with Ubiquinol for the reduction of bad cholesterol & triglyceride levels.

1- Modulating the enterohepatic cycle - The three bacteria strains in Happy Beat have high bile salt hydrolase activity. This means the bacteria break bile salts, which promotes the elimination of blood cholesterol, needed for the synthesis of new bile salts in the liver.

2- Binding to diet cholesterol - Happy Beat probiotics attach to cholesterol in the gut after a meal to prevent its absorption through the intestinal wall. This promotes a higher cholesterol excretion and prevents the increase of cholesterol levels in blood.

3- Strengthening the heart - Ubiquinol has been shown to increase the heart’s ejection fraction which is a measurement of the heart’s strength.

There is a bidirectional communication between the gut microbiota and the brain, known as gut-brain axis. This means that naturally-present bacteria in the gut can influence the way we feel, and similarly, our mind state has an impact on our gut health. Mind Balance probiotic strain modulates the gut-brain axis, specifically:

1- Increasing populations of good bacteria in the gut.

2- Influencing the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, molecules closely linked to emotional balance and psychological state.

3- Reducing inflammatory compounds associated with stress, mainly cortisol and cytokines IFN-gamma and TNF-alfa.

Happy Beat is Clinically Researched

In a clinical trial with 60 patients with high cholesterol, the probiotic was able to reduce by 15% bad cholesterol (LDL-C) levels compared to placebo after 12 weeks. 



111 subjects with long-term stress were treated with Mind Balance probiotic strain or placebo for 12 weeks. After 8 weeks, stress and anxiety score (DASS-42 questionnaire) was significantly lower in the probiotic group than placebo group. After 12 weeks, the improvement was increased, with a total score reduction of 20 points. This means that the probiotic was able to reduce stress levels beyond a placebo effect.


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