Pure Skin
Pure Skin
Pure Skin
Pure Skin
Pure Skin
Pure Skin
Pure Skin
Pure Skin

Pure Skin

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Size 30 Day

Natural Probiotic & super-food blend formula for balanced, clearer & softer skin. Specifically developed blend of high-quality bacterial microorganisms & algae (spirulina) to balance the skin, decrease oil production, and reduce acne or inflammation. 

Vegan, Lactose & Gluten Free. Non-GMO. 30 Capsules

1 Billion CFU* Bacteria strain (Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus KABP™ 071)

5 mg Spirulina (Arthospira platensis)

*CFU : Colony forming units, commonly used measurement/counting of probiotic bacteria cells. 

Take 1 capsule a day with water, ideally (but not needed) before a meal. Can be taken together with antibiotics. Recommended treatment duration is 3 months, can be extended as much as needed.

Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. Food supplements cannot replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Natural, drug-free treatment for a clearer, softer skin

Pure Skin Benefits

Designed to help you embrace your skin and increase your confidence. Pure skin is rich in beneficial nutrients that will help balance gut and skin status. It decreases oil production and levels of bad bacteria in the skin and balances skin and gut microbiota which helps reduce skin inflammation and acne.

Reduces and prevents acne breakouts

Softens skin surface

Balances skin microbiota from the gut

how it works

Acne appears when the surface of the skin is out of balance, specifically an imbalance of oil, obstructed or inflamed pores. A bad diet is also linked with acne breakouts; a poor gut microbiota promotes inflammation & bad bacteria can colonize skin pores, disrupting the skin's microbiota and promoting acne. 

Arthrospira platensis (also known as Spirulina) is considered a superfood: a nutrient-rich food especially beneficial for health and well-being.

Pure Skin supports skin health by:

1- Regulating skin oil levels

2- Reducing inflammation, redness, and irritation

3- Delivering minerals, vitamins, and proteins to the skin

Pure Skin is Clinically Researched

Found in tropical lakes, Arthrospira platensis is a type of bacteria that feeds from the sun through photosynthesis (cyanobacteria). Commonly known as spirulina, it is believed to be one of the oldest life forms on earth.  

Spirulina is rich in beneficial nutrients that will help balance gut and skin status: Arthrospira provides incredible resources, containing antioxidants (like beta-carotene and phycocyanin), abundant proteins, Omega 3 and 6, and many essential minerals including zinc, and vitamins.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that this microalgae is interesting for multiple reasons, rich in iron and protein.


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